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Authentic Marketing

Do you know what a marketer actually does? If you’re like most B2B business owners, you wonder what value a marketer brings to the company and its bottom line. You are searching for the most effective marketing tips and tricks for your business — no fluff — only what works.

That’s what you’ll get here: straight talk about B2B marketing.


What works and what doesn’t when it comes to B2B marketing? There are thousands of B2B marketing websites that will entice you with an opt-in offer and claim to deliver magnanimous results in 30-60-90 days. How can you tell hype from what works? I’m here to debunk every myth you’ve ever heard about B2B marketing and share what the gurus don’t want you to know.


How does community-building fit into your B2B marketing strategy? If your goal is to build a strong community of fans, prospects and current customers to raise brand awareness and generate more business, you’ve come to the right place. Community-building should be the first step in every B2B marketing strategy. No community —> No customers —> No revenue.

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